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Who is Rock Lighter

Follow Rock’s Adventures

What is Rocklighter?

In short, it is a lighter securely tethered to a rock.

It will be there™

Handmade in Oshkosh, WI from only the highest quality materials.




Where to use Rocklighter

Designed for Everyone, Everywhere.
All the Time.

Why Rocklighter?

Security, Convenience, Reliability, Safety, Craftsmanship, Adventure

  • Someone always snagging your lighter?  Not this time.

  • Built from high quality materials that are meant to last a lifetime

  • Peace of mind always knowing “It will be there”

  • Looking for someone to tag along with on an adventure or road trip.  Rocklighter is always game.

100% Chance you are going to love it
100% money back guarantee (on the rock).

When Rocklighter?


Is your chance to own one.


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Each order includes; unique rock, steel chain. permanent belt, BIC classic® lighter.  No assembly required.

Contact Rocklighter

Rocklighter LLC
2080 West 9th Ave #150
Oshkosh, WI 54901

(920) 808-0201